The Little Prince

And after a long time we talked together via chat. Since the time that we used to have daily correspondence it is almost 6 years passed. There were long emails, initially written in Pinglish (Persian with English fonts) and gradually evolved to Persian. I asked her to give me all those emails since I have lost them in a tragically hard disk crash. Reluctant in the beginning she sent for me all those memorable emails. Mostly written with a very old and almost obsolete Persian font, which is now difficult to read in normal Windows environment. I struggle a little bit to find the old “Persian” font and with revealing of the first familiar words the huge amounts of feelings and memories rushed into my brain and heart…

I know her writing style, the deliberate way that she expresses herself and the casual carelessness of her when describing her emotions. All of them were there, in those words, untouched…

And she told me that she has changed a lot since those days. Who is not changed? (6 years is not a short time). And she told me that we had huge age difference in those times, but now she does not feel that I am much older than her. I used to call her “The Little Prince” , but this is another long story…


September 16, 2006 - Posted by | Life, Personal

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  1. Thanks for this great post, it was just the missing info that ui was looking for, for my study



    Comment by blaadje | December 31, 2006 | Reply

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