Last Time I Slept!

Working in oilfield, offshore as a service company member can sometimes be really tough. For example at the moment, I remember the last time I slept was 32 hours ago. Still I am going to be awake and on duty for the next 15 hours, at least. Even if there is chance to sleep for me, I cannot sleep, because my mind is so occupied.

When there is a problem in the job and you are offshore, sleep is the last thing you can think about. Too many parameters to handle, the main and most visible one is the huge amount of money being spent every single hour, and if you or your company delay the rig operation for any reason it can cost you and your company the fine, which is called “delay time” or “lost time”. This fine includes the rental of the standby rig (pending on you!), also the standby charges of all the other service companies on board which are waiting for you to finish you job, so they can start their turn. All these costs are paid by the oil company, and if you delay the rig!

Today we had some problems with our operation. The technical part is not important to mention here, but I feel really tired and frustrated. Now the problem is fixed and stable, but the side effects of the problem we faced is still on my nerves!

September 20, 2006 - Posted by | Life, Oilfield, Personal

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