Iran-Iraq Border: Anaran001

Well well well! I am finally here. In the region called Anaran near Mehran, a small town in the border of Iran-Iraq. The city is on the main transit road between Iran and Iraq and specially is used by the people who are interested to visit religious shiat cities of Iraq mainly Karbala and Najaf.

The oil field and the rig (NIDC, rig#48) is located exactly in the middle of one of the largest minefields of the west border of Iran, laid by Iraqi military during Iran-Iraq war. The area that is occupied by the rig and the road has been cleansed from the mines, however there are still thousands of mines under the ground.

My access to the Internet is limited here, but as soon as I can I will upload some photos of the minefield and specially some shocking photos, which even now I cannot beleive how I have allowed them to be shot!


October 31, 2006 Posted by | Adventure, IRAN, Oilfield | 3 Comments