My Photos are to Share

It is getting closer and closer to the end. A maraton lasting more than 3 months. I remember a friend once said, one year of working in Schlumberger is equal to at least 3 years of working in a NORMAL comapny. Well, so after 9 monts (3×3) of continous working I really do need a rest. From time to time I call some of the friends, just to say hello, just to remind them that there still exist ME! Otherwise I may be completely forgotten, and face unfriendly eyes looking at me when coming back to Tehran. Also I tried to call US two times. Considering the time difference, I have to call on mornings. I wish I could call more often or at least talk longer. But everything is limited and tasting the sweetness of a long conversation is far from practically feasible.

My collection of photos is becoming very popular here. Eric, asked me a complete set of Domab and Varkaneh villages photos. Greg, the testing engineer was very interested in the photos of Anaran. He kept asking me “where is this place? where did you shoot it?” and was surprised to hear that the photos have all shot nearby, in Anaran. Hedley, the company man today officially asked for my Anaran photos! I receive every hour a flash memory or external hard disk belonging to different people, from SunBelt, Geoservices, Schlumberger and Hydro to copy my photos! To be honest with you, I am happy to see all these fans (who would not be?). It is satisfying and relaxing to feel that my selection of frame, colors and subjects is attractive for other people. One person asked me if I mind sharing them with my photos. I told him “my photos are to share!~”.


November 29, 2006 - Posted by | Adventure, Life, Personal

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  1. Dear Roozbeh

    We always remembr you as good friend and waiting for you to come back and see you. please come back safe and soon. I miss you!
    I really like your photo too. keep going and share your photo! Thanks

    Comment by Mohsen | December 6, 2006 | Reply

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