Few days ago I talked with grandma on the phone and decided to visit her. She is living in Kermanshah, the city where my father and mother are coming from. Grandma and grandpa (from my mother side) are still living in Kermanshah. I have some other relatives such as aunts and uncles as well who are living in Kermanshah, however the main reason to visit Kermanshah was visiting grandma. She is one of those people that I always love and admire. Not necessarily because I am her grand child. Mainly because she is indeed an admirable person. A real Iranian woman with a life dedicated to the family and children. At the age of 70 suffering from severe rheumatism she did not allow me to even touch the dishes after dinner was finished. I could obviously saw how painful her hands were when washing those dishes, but nothing I could do about it. I could not resist her feminine authority. I knew that she was not going to let me touch them. Such a strong character she has.

I always wonder if I can ever meet such a fair woman among the new generation. Nowadays boys and girls are becoming more and more self-centric, egoist if you want to call it. How far are we going to scarify ourselves for our children and our family? I do fear it is not going to be very far…


January 5, 2007 - Posted by | Life, Personal

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