Gilan Diary – Part I

A 4 days trip to north of Iran, Gilan province was what I was not planning at all until last Wednesday. Indeed the original plan was Kashan and Abyaneh village with Farhang starting from Thursday (25-Jan-2007) to Saturday (27-Jan-2007). In the last minute Farhang got sick and I called Abbas-my SLB colleague and also my classmate in France training center last year. We decided to go to Rasht where Abbas’ brother Mohsen was also living.

Anyway it was a fantastic trip. One of the best since long years that I can remember. We went to several cities and places; had lots of cool talks and also watched many excellently made movies! Although in this season of the year the weather of the North of Iran is normally cloudy and rainy in winters, miraclously throughout our trip sun was shining in the sky and temperature never went below 10 and above 20 degC.

I picked up Abbas from Karaj. On our way to Rasht we passed from several cities mainly Qazvin, Manjil and Roodbar. I had my Canon 20D with EF 24-70L lens mounted on it and I gave my Canon A620 to Abbas.


Manjil: The wind powered electricity generators

We had a stop in Manjil where the weather was gorgeous and the scenery was catchy. Manjil is located in the upstream of White River (Sepid rood) dam and right beside the dam’s lake lies a field of wind powered generators which are standing like giant white creatures.

Abbas Dehghan

Abbas in the middle of a tea garden in Lahijan

We arrived Rasht at about 13:00 and had a “Deezy” (a special Iranian food). Then we straight went to Mohsen’s house. Mohsen is teaching English Literature in the Azad University of Rasht.

Later that day we visited Lahijan. A truly lovely city and to my opinion potentially one of the most beautiful cities in the north of Iran.

I think having a good team in the trip is the most important factor in the success or failure of the occasion. The travel mates should be responsible, flexible and at the same time positive characters. Lucky I was that I had such companies in this trip.


Leaves lit by the colorful rays of the setting sun

Road to Jungle

Path through the jungle

If you are going to Gilan don’t forget to visit Lahijan. It is a must! There you can ride tele-cabin and see miles of tea farms from above. In the evening walk beside the lake- which is located in the middle of the city- and enjoy the aliveness and warm company of the people.

warm and friendly.

Bonfire: warm and friendly

On Thursday evening we returned to Rasht and the first day of our trip ended by watching some films. The flavour of the original Lahijan tea (cultivated in spring) added a lot to that happy evening. Hours later I slept innocently like a baby…


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