New Assignment

This morning my Indonasian colleage (Evensius) jumped into my room looking overwhelmed. He told me that I had received my assignment letter and I should check my emails quickly. This was the moment that I was waiting for it for several months. I had an internatinoal assignment in my hands.

The assignment was Qatar, working as Seniour Field Engineer in Schlumberger base in Doha. I have been there before. SLB has a well-equiped extremely organized and very busy base in Doha. However there was a small problem. I would have no field-breaks. I would be only entitled for annual vacations. Meaning: I could only come to Iran once per year!

It took me about 10 mintues, before I reply my manager and REJECT the assignment. I am not going to live in Qatar or any other country permanently. I need rotation! I need to commute and I need to come back to Iran regurarly and see my beloved family and the lovely mother land.

I may seriously consider leaving/working permanentely in another country, however the time is not NOW and the place will not be Qatar or any other country in middle-east.


February 20, 2007 Posted by | Life, Oilfield, Personal, Philosophy & Logic | 8 Comments