Gilan Diary – Part II

I think one of the most interesting places of Iran is Rud-khan or Rood-khan castle . It is located in the south east of Fuman (about 20 kilometers). It is used to be a military base around couple of hundred years ago and is constructed about 1000 years ago. Rud-khan castle is one of the largest ancient military castles in Iran.

Roodkhan castle

What makes the Rud-khan castle even more interesting is the combination of the history and nature. One has to walk several kilometers inside the jungle and mountain to reach the area. Walking inside the jungle is always full of adventure for me. I like the wild shapes of the trees and the unknown yet familiar sounds of birds and leaves in the background.

Roodkhan castle

By the time we came back from Rud-khan it was almost dark. Actually I would have preferred to even stay there more. I liked the calmness of jungle and the sense of isolation and solitude that I had there.

Rud-khan castle river
Rud-khan river

We spent the night in Rasht. Next day we visited Masouleh village located 32 km of west of Fuman.

Tea-house in Masouleh village

The oldest tea-house (چای خانه) in Masouleh village.

Masouleh Village

Masouleh is built on the slope of the mountain. Most of the roofs are actually the yards of the upper houses.

Girl - Masouleh village, Gilan, North of Iran

Girl – Masouleh village, Gilan, North of Iran

We were planning to also visit Bandar-e Anzali or port Anzali. But by the time we reached to Anzali it was already dark and we failed to visit Anzali’s famous lagoon (Mordab-e Anzali).

Port Anzali at night, Gilan province, North of Iran
Anzali is the main seaport of Iran in the Caspian sea.

Next day (Saturday) was the last day of our journey to north of Iran. We used the opportunity to spend couple of hours visiting Kia-shahr, a small town by the sea.

Group fishing at Kia-shahr, Gilan province, North of Iran
Group fishing at Kia-shahr

I photographed almost a whole fishing session. A very huge net is set near the shore and is gradually collected. The area in the net is getting smaller and smaller and fishes are prisoned inside the area, until all of them are captured.

Fishing hut, Kia-shahr, Gilan province, North of Iran
Fishing hut at Kia-shahr

At the end, we had a hot tea in one of the fisherman’s fishing hut. On the way back to Tehran I dropped Abbas and Mohsen in Karaj (where they live) and before mid-night I was home.

Abbas & Mohsen Dehghan
Special thanks to Abbas (right) and Mohsen (left).


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