Tag game – 5 facts about me!

I have been tagged! Well, I am not an active blogger, and do not have a big network of bloggy friends. Mainly I don’t have enough time to surf other blogs. However, one of my good friends have been tagged me. Special thanks to her!

So let me disclose 5 facts about myself:

1. I have an analytical-expressive character. I am analytical, so I like to understand the logic of the things/events around me (not including the girls!). I am also expressive which means I like to talk loudly about my ideas and beliefs to other people, not necessarily my closest friends.
2. I am ambitious. I want to become better and better in almost every thing! It is my continuous desire to be a more knowledgeable person or a more effective human being.
3. I don’t like routine and monotonous life. That’s why I have chosen a kind of job that is challenging and adventurous inherently. I travel a lot (but not as much as I like) and one of my wishes is to visit all the countries.
4. I look very calm but in fact I am a very sensitive person.
5. I love LOVE and I am ready to give everything I have for it; if it ever TRULY shines in my life.

Of course whoever read my weblog is welcome to comment and participate in this tag-game. But especially I invite the following people:

1. Soudeh
2. Mohsen


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