November Rain

Few nights ago, I experienced the most thrilling and wonderful rain of my life. I was out driving the Roniz which is the company car used for commutations between rig and camp. It started with continuous lightnings most of them the very close to me. They covered the area of the nearby horizon and almost lit the sky continuously. Up to that moment I had never seen so many lightnings around me and every second! I was thrilled and amazed to death!

And then the rain started. The famous November rain. Showering like hell. Crazy fall of the rain mixed with continuous lights of lightning and huge wild thunders. It was impossible to see even a meter away, so I just stopped the car and waited for the rain to become slower. I could see the water waves being formed by sudden and fast hit of the rain drops on the ground. I stayed for about ten minutes or a little more and then drove all the way back to the camp. To my surprise 15 minutes later the sky was clear and I could see the stars! I may not find proper words to describe the freshness of the air and pleasantness of the smell of the gentle breath blowing then. A weather that I can die for it! I cannot imagine any weather better or more pleasant than the one.


I had seen lots of shower rains before, especially in Ahwaz. But this one was different. It was huge, fast, mixed with thousands of lightnings and thunders and especially it lasted only a while. Definitely a November rain to be remembered for years.

There are certain events in every person’s life that affect it greatly but last only a while, like the November rain. There are also certain people in every person’s life that just come and go like the November rain. Their present is vivid, strong and effective, but only last a short while. They vanish from one’s life exactly as the clouds vanish after the November rain. On the contrary, there exist people in ones life who may not jump in so vividly and strong in the beginning. However they continue to be there, to be present and effective. They change ones life slowly and constantly and their commitment lasts only years and years to stop, if ever stops. 


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