Happy Norooz!

This Norooz is somewhat different for me. As long as I remember in all my life I have spent the Norooz with my family. This year it is not going to happen again. I am in Ahwaz and in less than 2 hours year 1386 will start. But it’s not a big deal. It’s even kind of fun, being all alone, thinking, relaxing… any way…

Few hours ago, I went through my cell phone contact list and sent seasons greetings to most of my friends and relatives. The closer ones I will call later. Next step is probably sending out some emails and also answering the incoming ones and etc etc etc.

Although I like Norooz a lot and especially the peaceful and green philosophy which lies behind it, but at this very moment I don’t really feel good about all these greetings that I am sending and receiving. I am doing them just because I think they should be done. I have to receive lots of greetings and I have to send lots of greetings in return. Emails should be sent and received without really being read and that’s the way it should be. Do I like all these? No, thanks! Not for me, not now!

There is something very important missing in myself. I look at myself and see there are lots of individual parts that are great per se. Lots of cool individualities that make me feel pleased. But at the same time I don’t think the whole package is working fine or at least it does not work the way I want it to work. As if these perfect little parts are not integrated enough to form a larger more perfect whole. What I really need is a kind of spiritual glue to connect all these little goodies and form my real big “ME”.

I know what is missing here. The alchemy of my life is missing here. Let’s wish the year 1386 would be the year of light and kindness and love for me and whoever that needs it. Amen!

  Happy Norooz!!

Norooz is a culture of PEACE. Let us wish to see less wars, famine, discrimination, oppression and of course less stupidity in the year 1386. 


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