ONE Minute Blackout

Today I went out, I shut down for a while. It was about 1600 hrs and I was outside my unit, performing the regular checks of the equipments. Everything was under control, at least it seemed so. I stepped down from a pipeline to pass another pipeline and suddenly slipped a little bit. I did not fall, I did not hurt myself. In fact something very simple happened. My knee hit with a very sharp edge of a pipe connection. For a duration, may be less than a second long, I felt nothing has happened but a hardly noticeable accident. But after a second just like a drop of ink diffusing quickly in a glass of water, pain outburst in my body. I could feel it was very painful. After a few seconds of huge pain, I thought that the worst has passed and it is going to be all right. But it was not passed yet. I started to fill dizzy; I was shocked by the surge of pain and facing sudden drop in blood pressure. It was getting worse and worse. I was feeling woozy and it got worse and worse. I saw the blue of the see was fading out, the whole rig was getting farther. I could hear the shouts of my colleague is getting slower and slower. I felt I was heavy, I could feel the weight of my arms, legs, and wow my head! It was heavy, so heavy. It was impossible to continue standing. I sat down slowly, actually I was falling down. Like a tall tree falling down after being stem cut.

The world became dark. I shut down completely. When I opened my eyes I was not sure how long it has passed? 1 minute? 5 minute? Half an hour? By temporal and spatial continuity I quickly realized that it has been only few seconds. But this was my logical deduction. I could not feel it. I was gone for some duration. Complete black out…

So this is how people die! The feeling of fading away from the familiar world. It is very easy, very close. It is not at all painful to die. Just a few seconds of dizziness, and then  darkness arrives. Like diving into ocean in the night. Quite simple, quite close.

I am not dead, I am alive! I just had a few seconds or probably a minute long blackout. However, I wonder if this process is fundamentally different from the process of dying? I have strong feelings that it is not.


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