Salt Lake

“Salt lake” has always been a mysterious place for me. Sometimes even in my dreams I found myself fallen inside the salt lake, a place which was dark, horrible and huge. But now, I know that it is far from what I used to have in my head! It is a nice place full of sands and salt crystals!

me on salt hexagonal

Thanks to Mojtaba (our cheif leader and guide) we including ME, made to visit salt lake, one of the largest salt lakes in the world. The hexagonal shapes are formed due to evaporation of water and highly crystalized concentration of salt.

Maranjab Caravanserai

Maranjab Caravanserai located in the south of salt lake, used to be a relaxing place for ancient travellers passing across iran.
Handmade Tar

We stayed the night in the middle of the desert in a place of of two shepherds called Bagher and Sakhi. Bagher played music for us with his self made “Tar”. We were impressed: “he could have do that without the least of training?!”.

salty road!

The access road toward salt lake was so flat that we could do test drive on it!


Bagher and Sakhi gave us perfect dinner and breakfast using their simple kitchen.

my buddy!

This is my buddy buddy “Khepel”. Ehsan and Soudeh tought him how to fasten his seatbelt when seating in the car.

group lunch with Sangak

group lunch

Group lunch in front of the Maranjab caravanserai.

Little goat

The little goat is only 2 days old. When we brought it inside the room it was crying, but after a warm gentle hug started to enjoy!

don’t touch me, I am real!

“Please do not touch me, because I am REAL!”

hourse riding1 hourse riding2 hourse riding 3

“I want to be a kid, give me a chance!” from left to right: Hamed, Soudeh, Mojtaba! I think they will kill me if find out that I have put their photos here!


Camel chasing protested by the dog!

our guest kelly

We also had a guest from Singapore: Kelly.


Playing with reflections, and reflections, and reflections…


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